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Puppy & Kitten Care

If you just brought a new pet home, or are considering it, congratulations! We're here to help keep your pet happy and healthy at the beginning of her life, and throughout. Together, we will discuss your pet's unique examination and vaccination needs, establish a baseline for your new pet's health, and discuss treatment when something is not quite right. If you have any questions about our services or are looking to book an appointment for your new pet, please call us today!

Puppy Care

Having a brand new, adorable little furry friend in your home is one of the most exciting and joyful experiences a person or family can have. It’s so important that we give our pups the best possible start to a healthy and happy life. 

When you first bring in your puppy, one of our vets will give a full nose-to-tail examination and gather info about everything you know about their breed, history, and more.

We’ll begin the vaccination and deworming schedule designed to keep your pet free from worms and infections, and we’ll lay out info about the best care plan for your puppy based on their breed.

Kitten Care

Your adorable kitten has many of the same needs as human babies— including regular exams to ensure that they’re healthy and developing properly. You should schedule your kitten’s first wellness exam immediately after you adopt him or her, to ensure that any potential issues that may have been missed before adoption are caught and prevented from becoming ongoing problems. 

One of our trained vets will conduct a nose-to-tail exam and learn about your kitten’s background at their first wellness exam, establishing a health baseline we’ll then use for future exams, vaccination schedules and more. Even if you’re confident that your kitten is perfectly healthy, it’s important for us to establish this health baseline so that we can ensure a long, successful relationship between Crysler Animal Hospital and your precious cat throughout their life.

Spay/Neuter Procedure

Spaying or neutering your pet is, in many cases, one of the most responsible choices that an owner can make on behalf of their pet. Preventing them from impregnating other pets or becoming pregnant themselves is only one of the benefits of this procedure. It can also protect them from a whole host of potential health issues. 

Neutering and spaying refer to the same general procedure— removing the reproductive organs in your pet. When performed on a male, it’s known as neutering. When performed on a female, it’s called spaying.

In females, spaying reduces uterine and mammary issues including infection and cancer, and puts an end to regular ‘heat’ cycles which can cause discomfort and behavioral issues. Spaying can also lead to reduced instinct to roam, howl, mark spots with urine, and become aggressive.

In males, the neutering procedure reduces aggression, urine marking, howling, and the urge to roam. It also prevents diseases that are common in unaltered male dogs, including prostate disease and testicular cancer.

Unless you have the specific goal of becoming an accredited breeder and using your dog as a sire or dam (male or female parent for breeding purposes), we highly recommend spaying and neutering your pet.

Microchip Identification

Losing your animal companion is a terrifying feeling. Microchipping is the best way to ensure your pet’s safe return home should he or she ever be lost. A microchip is a tiny, electronic identification device. It’s size makes it easy and painless to implant – the procedure takes seconds and can be performed during any routine visit to the veterinarian. Once your pet is microchipped, you must register the chip in an online database. Should your pet ever be lost, an animal hospital or shelter can scan him or her for the microchip, access your contact information from the online registry, and return him or her safely.

We recommend microchip implantation for all cats and dogs. Even indoor pets can escape and pet owners should be prepared for this possibility. Completing this safe, painless, and inexpensive procedure will greatly increase your chance of reuniting with a lost pet.

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