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Grooming Services

Looking to pamper your furry friend? We provide top notch grooming services at our clinic!

Grooming not only keeps your pet looking great and smelling clean, but also has many health benefits. Long hair can be uncomfortable and cause matting of the hair, which is painful and provokes many skin conditions. Overgrown nails are also very painful and put your pet at risk for infection. Through regular grooming, you can ensure your pet is free of discomfort and reduce the risk of eye, ear, skin, and nail infections. Routine grooming also helps detect many health issues before they become emergencies, which will save you the cost of expensive medical bills.  

Our professional pet groomers, Pam and Bath-Ann, offer baths, haircuts, blow-outs, and nail trims. Prices vary based on pet breed, size, and condition. If you are interested in our grooming services, please call today.