Crysler Veterinary Hospital in Independence

Crysler Veterinary Hospitals has been providing exceptional veterinary care for over 40 years to the Kansas City suburbs of Independence, Raytown, Lee's Summit, and Blue Springs. We provide companion animal and exotic veterinary care for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, ferrets and rabbits.

What Our Veterinary Hospital Offers

Our veterinary services include: elective spays and neuters, laser declaw removal, vaccinations, and grooming. Our complete pet grooming salon features experienced groomers who offer custom styling of all breeds of dog and cats in Independence and Raytown. We also have a full-service kennel/boarding facility which includes three daily walks, medication administration if necessary, and a lot of tender loving care. If your pet is in need of diagnostic care, we use digital radiography and ultrasound technology. We also perform orthopedic procedures, including cruciate ligament and fracture repair.

Our veterinarians have almost 70 years of combined experience in the field, and they look forward to meeting you and your pet. Schedule an appointment today!

Celebrate Pet Dental Month with Crysler Animal Hospital!

The doctors at Crysler Animal Hospital believe dental health is so important we are celebrating dental health for three months this Fall! Your pet’s bad breath may be undesirable, but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dental health. Without frequent brushing, bacteria creates a slimy film over your pet’s teeth (plaque). Over time, this plaque mineralizes to become tartar, which is a hard tan to brown substance that will not go away with brushing alone. Bacteria also causes inflammation in the gums, or gingivitis. Eventually the bacteria can start to break down the bony structures around the tooth roots and teeth become loose. As dental disease progresses, dog and cat mouths become painful, and teeth can be lost.

Advanced dental disease, bone loss, and loose or missing teeth cannot be reversed. However, the early stages can be stopped by dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar on the teeth and under the gums. Many pets require yearly dental cleanings. If you would like to increase the time between dental cleanings, at home treatment such as brushing your pet’s teeth is the best way to prevent dental disease at home. Other treatments such as prescription dental foods, oral rinses, and some dental chews can also help prevent dental disease.